My fantasy short story about street kids in Central America is now available.  The anthology "When the Hero Comes Home 2," following on the heels of the successful first volume and the sister anthology "When the Villain Comes Home," is now available as an e-book, a little bit ahead of the release of the physical book.  I was told that "Juan Caceres" is one of my typically morally-inverted stories, which pleased me a great deal.  Stories about street kids have been kicking around in my head for a while and it took time for the source material to bubble enough that I   Details are on the promotion on Goodreads (you can click here).  
July seems to have been the month of proofs.  Early, I got the proofs from EDGE Publishing for my dark fantasy story "Dog's Paw" that will be appearing in the Chilling Tales 2 (edited by Mike Kelly, available for preorder here) anthology before the end of the year.  No sooner was that done, than the proofs for my longish hard science fiction novelette "Schools of Clay" arrived from Asimov's Science Fiction.  The Asimov's story will hit the stands in December or January.  Lastly, I received the proofs for "Juan Caceres and the Zapatero's Workshop," a fantasy short story about magical street children in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, which will be appearing in the anthology When the Hero Comes Home 2 (edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood, cover art here) in August.  Juan Caceres was also picked up by for their most excellent weekly fiction podcast. I'm not sure which I'm most excited about, because all three were tough stories to write and all four markets took me time to break into. Probably easier to just say it was Christmas in July.