I would like to add my name and support, privately or publicly, to the
well-publicized suggestion by Amal El-Moktar that action (serious action) be
taken against Theodore Beale.  Aside from the technical reasons he should
not be a member, I can only say that I was appalled at his election campaign
postings and surprised at SFWA (the organization) for tolerating them.  His
further public posts made it seem quite clear to me that he was not rowing with
the rest of the team and that his interests were broadly damaging to individual
members and the organization's reputation. 

I am a relatively new member, but I have to say that the recent flare-ups of
intolerance (including the stupidity related to the Bulletin) have surprised
me.  More important, the fact that SFWA as an organization does not seem to
act until people complain suggests to me a systematized lack of values and
ethics.  By system, I mean that governance structures beyond Section 10 of
the by-laws is necessary.  

A code of conduct is necessary and I call on my elected representatives
to borrow, steal or invent one that will assure me that a system is in
place such that people of any gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race
are protected by the organization from personal attack.

 Derek Kunsken