The nominations for the 2014 Aurora Awards and the World Fantasy Awards have opened.  I  don’t normally send around my stuff for people to consider, but two fantasy  stories of mine were published in 2013, both of which I’m proud of.  
I’d like to draw your attention to the first, though.   “The Dog’s Paw” is a dark fantasy  story about a North American diplomatic corps trying to increase the number of  honour killings in a country very much like Yemen.   I’d been appalled about honour killings in general for a long time, but  didn’t find a way to actually put on paper what I wanted until I reversed all  the morals.  “Dog’s Paw” was chosen  by Ellen Datlow for her Year’s Best Horror Volume Six. 
I believe she called it “wonderfully disturbing.” It will also be podcast  in June at

If you are interested in reading “Dog’s Paw” I would be happy to send you a pdf.  And if  you feel it is something you would want to consider as you think about  the Aurora and the World Fantasy nominations, I would obviously be delighted. 
If you are interested in thinking about some other amazing fiction, might I suggest a few stories below that are in my balloting consideration?  If you think there are others I should be thinking about, please let me know! 

How to Nominate – Aurora:  You need to be a member of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA), by being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and paying $10, but this money supports the awards themselves and provides a small cash prize for the winner in the novel category.  You can become a member by clicking here:  If you’re already a member you’re golden.  After payment, you can click on the “Aurora Awards” button at the top of the screen and then you’re good to go.  The nomination deadline is April  12.

 How to Nominate – World Fantasy Award:  If you attended the World Fantasy Convention 2012 or  2013, or are going to attend the World Fantasy Convention in 2014, you’re eligible to already.  The link and  instructions are right here The nomination deadline is May

Thank you for any thought you give to this. 

Aurora Ballot – some on my “consider these” list:

Helen Marshall “The Hanging Game”
Michael Matheson “The Last Summer”
Geoffrey Cole “Song of Mary”
Indrapramit Das “Karina Who Kissed Spacetime”
Gemma Files “A Feast for Dust”
Geoff Gander “White Noise”
Kate Heartfield “A Pair of Ragger Claws”
Cory Doctorow “By His Things Will You Know Him”
Marie Bilodeau “The Kevlar Canoe”
Hayden Trenholm and Elizabeth Westbrook Trenholm “Chasing Happiness”

There’s a much bigger list of eligible works available
for nomination at:

World Fantasy Ballot – the ones above, plus some works by
Sofia Samatar “Selkie Stories are for Losers”
Christopher Barzak “Sister Twelve: Confessions of a Party  Monster”
Kenneth Schneyer “Selected Program Notes from the  Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer”